healthy halloween

A Spooky Kind of Juice

This spooky juice with frozen cherry "eyeballs" is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Last Minute ‘Candy Corn’ Fruit

If you're trying to lessen the amount of candy this Halloween, opt for these fruity treats that look like candy corn. Only three ingredients is all it takes.

DIY Halloween Face Paint (With Juice!)

This Halloween, stir up your own potion to make the perfect face paint using your juicer and a couple other ingredients found in your kitchen and bathroom!

Tricked Out ‘Twix’ Bars

Trick your friends into thinking they are getting the real deal by making these healthier versions of our favorite Twix bars.

Is A One-Night Candy Binge Really That Bad for You?

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we find ourselves head first in a bowl of candy, but is one night of candy really that bad for you?

7 Healthy Swaps to Make on Halloween

Here are 7 of my favorite healthy dessert recipes to give you some ideas to bring to one of your Halloween parties this weekend.

Top 10 Tips to Have a Healthy Halloween

You can easily turn Halloween into a healthier holiday while still having all the fun and magic you remember as a kid!

Smart Sweet: Healthy Pumpkin Patch

This is a healthy version of candy pumpkins in the spirit of Halloween festivities.