A Spooky Kind of Juice


It’s an exciting and spooky time of the year, which calls for making fun drinks. Yes, you can have fun with juice! It’s a great way to introduce healthy drinks and juices to kids (and the big kids too). You can have loads of fun with colors and making interesting combinations for Halloween. Don’t miss […]

7 Healthy Swaps to Make on Halloween


There is no harm in letting your kids (and you, and me) enjoy a few pieces of candy here and there on this fun holiday. But when I am hosting a Halloween party or bringing something to a friend’s house, it’s always fun to show a little {healthy} creativity. Why not make a treat that resembles one of your favorite candies but is made with much healthier ingredients that taste just as delicious? Here are 7 of my favorite healthy dessert recipes to give you some ideas to bring to one of your Halloween parties this weekend.

Smart Sweet: Healthy Pumpkin Patch

Raw Pumpkin Patch

So, in the spirit of celebrating this youthful and fun holiday, I decided to get a little creative in the Reboot Kitchen this week.  I had candy pumpkins (the ones that are like candy corn) on the brain, and was thinking of ways I could make a healthy version. The outcome was a combination of little pumpkins, like you  find in a pumpkin patch, paired with “carved” pumpkins. Get the delicious and cute recipe!