DIY Halloween Face Paint (With Juice!)

Don’t let Halloween face paint give you a fright! Trust in the ingredients you put on your children’s (or your!) skin and leave the ghouls and goblins to do the spooking! A recent report conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found 10 popular face paint brands contained dangerous chemicals and heavy metals such as lead. This is no trick! Unfortunately, the US does not have an accrediting body that oversees the ingredients used in the cosmetic industry. This lack of oversight allows these companies to use any ingredient they see fit to get an effective product and many times that means chemicals.

Juice makes for the perfect face paint color!

Just be aware that some colors may leave a slight stain to skin, but a good shower and a gentle scrub will wash them away 🙂

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Green: Juice kale or mix in spirulina

Red or Pink: Juice beets

Yellow: Juice yellow pepper or mix in turmeric

Purple: Juice purple cabbage

Brown: Mix in cocoa powder

White: Mix in powdered sugar

Black: Activated Charcoal…still thinking about this one, let us know if you find something that works!

This Halloween, stir up your own potion to make the perfect face paint using your juicer and a couple other ingredients found in your kitchen and bathroom!

How to Make Homemade Reboot-Approved Face Paint:


  • Corn Starch
  • Face lotion
  • 1/4 tsp vegetable oil
  • Colored fruits, veggies and/or spices
  • Your Juicer
  • Small bowl
  • Small individual contains for each color


  1. Make the base for your face paint. Mix equal parts corn starch and face lotion until it forms a thick mixture. Add vegetable oil to prevent paint from caking. The end product should be smooth and not too watery.
  2. Create colored pigments using your juicer or spices. Choose fruits, vegetables and spices based on the colors you need. Mix a few drops of juice or a pinch of spice until you get your desired color.
  3. Fun additions: Add dried glitter or combine colors to create the perfect look!

Have a happy, healthy and juicy Halloween!

Want more information on safe cosmetics?