4 Foods to Brighten Your Mood

Foods that Fight Stress

Shopping, crowds, cleaning, and competition for finding the “perfect gift” can be exhausting! Research has shown chronic stress to negatively affect mood and behavioral self-regulation, with associations to depression, anxiety, and a decrease of self-confidence and quality of life. There are many ways to prevent and intervene in our environment when stress is getting to be too much! Here are the top 4 foods to help you ward off stress. Plus, don’t miss 9 helpful mood-boosting tips that go beyond your diet.

Quick stress-survival guide and foods to brighten the mood

In the Reboot Kitchen: Ruby Mandarin Juice

Ruby Mandarin Juice

I couldn’t be happier now that mandarins have come into season here in Australia. They are my favorite fruit and I could easily eat a bagful in one sitting, especially since I’m pregnant! I’ve been having citrus cravings so I decided mandarin and ruby grapefruit it is for the day! Get the refreshing and delicious recipe.

Beyond Pink: A rainbow of colors may promote breast cancer survivorship

Breast Cancer Health

October is breast cancer awareness month and a perfect time to examine how including more plant foods like fruits, vegetables and fresh juice, can help to prevent cancer and promote survivorship.  A healthy diet, physical activity and weight management are linked to increased survival rates and better quality of life in breast cancer survivors. An […]

Perfect Summer Salad – Recipe of the Week

scape salad rsz

Citrus-Radish-Garlic Scape-Avocado Salad Another week… Another CSA box! I always get excited to try new recipes when I pick up the latest batch of local, organic veggies from my CSA. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, a system in which consumers receive food directly from the farmers who produce it. This week has been quite hot […]

Citrus Inspired Green Juice – Recipe Of The Week

Citrus Inspired Green Juice

Perk up your greens with a sweet, refreshing citrus flavor. Clementines and oranges are a good source of potassium, Vitamin C and a wide variety of important plant-based nutrients. Just one orange has over 170 types of health promoting phytonutrients!

Cranberry Citrus Juice – Recipe Of The Week

Cranberry Citrus Juice

This delicious juice is like all of your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes served up in a glass. Whether you are stateside, down under or anywhere across the globe this juice delivers a pleasing balance of sweet and tart flavors. Forget the mashed potatoes, gravy, huge dose of tryptophan and food coma! The plant foods included […]