60 Days

Michael M. Sees Food Differently after his 60 Day Reboot

I am more active with my family and I've dramatically improved my health.

Adam & Alodie Find Strength in Rebooting Together

Our minds are very clear and sharp, and we feel lighter and more energetic like we are in younger bodies. Our passion for life has heightened and we look younger.

Jeff H’s Major Transformation: Mind, Body & Spirit

“I feel like I have been granted a second chance on life.”

Darrell No Longer Needs His Diabetes Meds – Reboot Profile

Going from diabetic on medication & insulin to getting OFF all medication including insulin and LOSING 64 pounds!

Steven Conquers Weight Loss, After Trying Since 3rd Grade – Reboot Profile

I have inspired about 50 people and counting to try Rebooting since my 63 pounds weight loss success.