Space-Saving Tips For Juicing & Healthy Eating

Ever feel like your healthy lifestyle is cramping your kitchen space?

Having an uncluttered kitchen can be the first step to eating a healthy diet. It sounds odd but it can really help keep your kitchen space positive and welcoming.

Not only is it important to keep healthy food and produce at your disposal, but you also want to have a kitchen that is efficient and easy to use.

People often have small kitchens or limited kitchen and fridge space (especially around the holidays) so it’s a great tactic to learn how to save space when storing produce, juicing and eating healthy meals and snacks.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Buy a Compact Model

Finding a small juicer and/or blender can be helpful when you have limited bench and cupboard space. Try to buy one that still has good power and be sure to check the wattage strength, as this gives it its power to blend and juice efficiently.

Make Ahead

Preparing juices ahead of time and freezing them can really save on space and time. Here are some great tips to store juices. Pre-making healthy meals and freezing them including nut balls, pasta sauce, soups, healthy curries and other meals certainly can save on space too.

Juicing and storing pre-made juices in the fridge for up 72 hours in airtight glass jars can cut down on space rather than storing the fresh whole produce which can be bulky.

You can also save money by buying bulk produce that’s in season and on special and use these space-saving tips to get the most out of your produce. Here is more on juicing on a budget.

Storage Outside the Kitchen

Storing produce that’s not needed in the fridge in dark cool cupboards. You can even store hardy vegetables like pumpkins, squash, garlic, potatoes, yams and onions in other rooms such as the laundry, garage or a den.

Ditch What You Don’t Use

It’s important to only keep the appliances, kitchen gadgets and utensils that you truly use. If you don’t want to give them away or donate them, store them in a large container in the garage or cupboard so you can use when needed for those special occasions that happen infrequently.

Have your well-used appliances and utensils in easy reach in an uncluttered cupboard makes it a whole lot easier. Don’t forget to remove any appliances that don’t support healthy eating and drinking.

Clear Out

You might be surprised with all the unnecessary items that are hiding in the back of your pantry or fridge. I regularly like to clear out my food cupboards and fridge and throw away any sauces, marinades or old food that you don’t need or want.

Chop + Store

Pre-chopping vegetables like kale, celery, broccoli and storing them in bags or fitted containers can save on space. Removing leaves that you won’t use will also help to save space. I always like to wash and chop up pieces of celery or other veggies so they fit better and they can easily be grabbed to munch on. Storing pre-cut veggies in water in containers also helps to extend the shelf life.

The Tray Technique

Keep all your juice ingredients on a tray in the fridge. This tip comes from one of my guided Rebooters. It provides a designated space in the fridge that could easily be removed and was 100% all-juice ingredients. Each time she wanted to juice she removed the tray and it was all there ready to go.

Fruit Bowls

Storing fruit in bowls on the dining or coffee table rather than in the fridge will save on space, and it’s also a great reminder to eat one to two pieces every day for the entire family.