5 Tips to Keep Skin Radiant in the Winter

It is that time of year again, when we switch over our closets from lighter layers to heavier coats, boots and winter hats in preparation for the arrival of colder weather. But our closet is not the only place that requires some preparation for mother nature’s shift in weather, our skincare routine needs some cold weather preparation too! Winter weather can be harsh on our skin. The temperature and humidity levels drop while the wind picks up, making the winter season a trying time for skin. That is why it is important to make the appropriate shifts in our skincare routine to protect our skin to keep it healthy and strong all winter long.

Here are five ways to transition your skincare routine for winter:

1. Hydration from the inside out.
Let’s face it, winter is cold and sometimes a cold glass of water is the last thing we think about. However, dehydration is just as possible during the dry climate as the summer, so hydration is key! Our skin, especially our delicate lips, can be the first signs of dehydration. So rethink your winter hydration. If water isn’t your first preference try sipping herbal tea, warm vegetable broth, coconut water and fresh fruit & vegetable juices – they are all hydrating beverages!For more ideas check out 17 Warming Drinks for Winter on the Reboot blog!

2. Exfoliate but be gentle.
Exfoliation is key in helping to rid our winter complexion from layers of dry skin, but not all exfoliation methods are created equal! Instead of scraping away at our skins surface with a rough, store-bought exfoliant, choose a softer and more gentle exfoliant such as one that is based with oats, almonds, sugar or even an enzyme exfoliant. These materials have softer edges that gently remove dead skin, or in the case of any enzyme digest them away, without damaging the new, delicate layers of skin below.

3. Double up your moisture routine.
Winter is a dry season. Many people are plagued with dry, flaky skin from their face to their hands. So how do we combat this moisture sucking season? Double moisture! Introduce both an oil and a cream-based moisturizer into your skincare routine…even those of you with oily skin, don’t fear! Oils are made up of fat-based, smaller molecules that sink into skin quickly and penetrate deep to strengthen cell walls and restore moisture – remember skin cells are made up of fat! While creams are larger, water-based molecules that sit on the surface of skin and sink in slowly overtime. When applied together, oil before cream, you get the wonderful benefit of both! The oil provides quick moisture your skin is craving, while the cream acts like a protective Winter coat that defends against the low temperatures and harsh winds!For more about why we LOVE oil: Why You NEED Almond Oil.

4. Sun protection is still a must.
In the colder seasons we may not be able to feel the warmth from the sun, but our skin most definitely does! The winter sun is just as much of a culprit for exposure to UVA and UVB rays, those that can cause aging and cancer in skin, as the summer sun. So it is just as important to continue your daily SPF routine even though there isn’t a beach insight.Not sure what sunscreen is best? Check out the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Guide to Sunscreen to find the most effective and least harmful sunscreen for daily use.

5. Healthy fat is your skin’s greatest ally.
Healthy fat is a moisturizer for your skin, and I’m talking from the inside out. Make sure to include sources of healthy fat all-year round, but especially in the winter if you are experiencing dry or itchy skin or eyes.For more information on healthy fat check out Eat More Fat (Here’s Why).