‘Spring Clean’ Your Skin this Weekend

This past weekend I began a little spring cleaning in my apartment, boxing up bulky winter sweaters and making room for lighter spring clothes. I started to think about how spring cleaning should take place not just in our physical spaces but also in all of our routines – that includes skincare! Spring is about a fresh start. During the cold winter months the skin on our face is exposed to some pretty harsh weather conditions, so one of the first things we want to think about is gently removing the dead or damaged skin cells to make space for fresh, new and healthy skin to shine through! Yup, I am talking about exfoliating!

It is important not just to scrub away the dead skin though, as some store bought exfoliants can be sharp and damaging to skin (not to mention bad for the environment). Instead, using more natural ingredients such as almond meal creates for a softer more gentle scrub. Complete with moisture rich honey and a touch of sweet almond oil, this Honey Almond Scrub preps your skin for it’s big spring reveal!

Honey Almond Face Scrub



  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl.
  2. Apply 1 tbsp of scrub to damp face and using gentle, circular motions, massage scrub into skin for at least one minute.
  3. Rinse with warm water and apply a light moisturizer.

Listen to your skin. Exfoliating is great, but too much of a good thing can be too harsh. So try every other night or even less frequent for sensitive skin. You will start to notice less flaking and a more even skin tone, once your skin feels consistently soft reduce to once or twice a week and remember to moisturize!

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