Why You Need Almond Oil (Hint: It’s Not for Cooking)

Our skin loves healthy fat and oil! Our skins’ love affair with fat is based on the chemical makeup of our skin cells’ structure. The exterior barrier of each skin cell is made of what is known as a double lipid fatty bilayer, a funny name indeed, but what it means is that the exterior of each and everyone one of our billions of skin cells are made of fat. So in short, our skin loves fat.

I know oil might sound scary to put on our skin, especially our face, but the right type of oil will actually absorb quickly, balance skins’ oil production and hydrate skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful and healthy complexion!

Plant-oils are particularly beneficial for our skins health. Sweet Almond Oil is one of the more notable plant-oils for skin health, it provides our skin with an abundance of healthy fats in addition to a myriad of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging nutrients such as vitamin E and phytosterols.

There are so many uses for Sweet Almond Oil as a part of your skincare and beauty routine.

Top Five Uses for Sweet Almond Oil:

  1. Face & Body Moisturizer
    Combat dry skin and sensitive skin by applying Sweet Almond Oil after the shower. The smaller oil molecules absorb quickly and make for a great spring and summer time moisturizer as they won’t sweat off later!
  2. Eye Make-up Remover
    Apply a small amount of Sweet Almond Oil on a tissue or cotton ball and gently wipe away eye makeup. The oil is gentle and effective at removing makeup so no scrubbing needed which helps protect the sensitive area around the eye.
  3. Eyelash Moisturizer
    A double hitter, Sweet Almond Oil also moisturizes and strengthens our eyelashes when used as an eye makeup remover. The healthy fat creates thick, lustrous and strong lashes.
  4. Bath Soak
    Transform your bath into a luxurious, rich and skin loving experience by adding 1/4 cup Sweet Almond Oil to your bath water. The warm bath water welcomes the oil into your skin for a deep moisturizing experience.
  5. Base for Essential Oils
    Love a scented moisturizer? Infuse Sweet Almond Oil with your favorite essential oil, such as lavender or rose, for a richly scented oil to use on your body or in your next bath.

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