How to Move More

There’s no getting around it: A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. You’ll have less energy, sleep worse and affect your health in countless other ways from weighing more to increasing your risk for many diseases.

Find out strategies to increase your activity level — along with more information on why it’s just so important to ditch a life dominated by sitting in couches and chairs.

You’ll feel better, inside and out, when you’re more active. Here are some of the benefits that accompany exercising, according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • You’ll lose weight or maintain your weight loss
  • You’ll lower your risk of health conditions, from heart disease to type 2 diabetes to depression, or help to manage these conditions
  • You’ll improve your mood
  • You’ll feel a lot more energetic
  • You’ll sleep better

Get more insight about what happens when you don’t exercise.

How to Move More

Some people love to work out. They diligently attend exercise classes and schedule runs for weekends. They travel with sneakers, so they can go to the hotel workout center.

If that’s not you, a little encouragement and putting some systems in place can help make sure you move more throughout the day — whether that’s a formal workout or simply getting up and pacing during a conference call.

Here are some strategies that’ll help you remember to move more throughout the day:


  • Put it on your calendar – if you have a workout on your schedule, just like any other meeting or appointment, you’ll be more likely to show up
  • Set reminders – use your smartwatch or phone to set up reminders that you should get out of your chair, go for a walk or move a bit in some way
  • Set a goal – don’t underestimate the power of having  a daily goal (for example, to walk 10,000 steps). Just think of the satisfaction that comes with crossing something off your list
  • Make it social – work out together with a friend, whether that’s attending a class, competing for the most steps in a day or meeting up for a walk. Accountability matters!
  • Have fun – try taking a dance break or play with your pets, suggests the American Heart Association
  • Pair it with something you love – if you enjoy listening to podcasts or binging a show on TV, make it a date to engage in that activity while doing something more active at the same time

Looking for Inspiration?

Moving more doesn’t need to involve putting on workout gear. A walk to the grocery store or a bike ride to meet a friend counts. It’s easy to turn your errands into exercise and there are plenty of ways to work out without hitting the gym.

But if you’re looking for more formal workouts, we’ve got you covered: