Eat too Much? 6 Tips to Get Back on Track

So the weekend is over, you had fun, spent time with friends, went to a barbecue, drank that special cocktail…and now you feel bloated. Well, we’re here to help! There are a few factors that can contribute to feeling bloated that include eating a large meal or meals, eating too much salt and/or sugar, drinking too much (and I don’t mean water!). Feeling bloated can leave you feeling really blah, but there are certain activities and foods to include that can help you “de-bloat.” To help you get the process started and get you back to feeling great, we have a few tips to help you ditch the bloat and get back on track.

Tips to Help You Debloat: 

  1. Eat Normally
    I find that often people try to compensate for eating a large meal the night before by eating less than usual the following day to try to make up for it; however, this is the wrong approach. To get back on track, you have to get back to your usual healthy eating routine. This helps to get fluid balance back in order, and also helps to get digestion back on track.
  1. Incorporate Foods with Natural Diuretic Propertie
    • Parsley: Parsley contains nutrients that can help to promote your liver to produce detoxifying enzymes and may also help to promote a mild diuretic effect. Use parsley in your juice or smoothie, or even as part of your salad or in your cooking. Try our Garden Garnish Juice for an afternoon snack!
    • Asparagus: Asparagus is not only delicious, but it’s also rich in nutrients. Asparagus contains key nutrients like glutathione that can help your body naturally detoxify and kill carcinogens and other dangerous compounds in your body; it also contains asparagine, a nutrient that contains a diuretic effect by helping the body rid itself of excess salts.  Use asparagus on salads, in juices (yes, in juices!) or eat them on their own. Learn all about the amazing benefits of asparagus.
    • Lettuces: They’re high in fiber (so they’ll keep you feeling full) and they’re also made of mostly water, which can help you to de-bloat. Use all different lettuce varieties in salads, smoothies and in your juices like this Pineapple Green Juice that contains romaine lettuce.
    • Ginger: Ginger is loaded with healthful nutrients like gingerol that may act as an antioxidant in the body and ginger may also help to boost immunity too. Additionally ginger may also contain mild diuretic properties. Try our anti-inflammatory concoction with lemon and ginger to start your day, it can help promote healthy digestion in the morning (and at any time of day!).
    • Cucumbers: Cucumbers are high in fluids and they’re also a source of silicon and sulfur that may help to boost kidney function and ability to produce urine and rid the body of waste. Cucumbers are also lower in calories and make for a great addition to juices, smoothies and salads; you can also eat them with a healthy dip in place of, or in addition to carrots and celery.
    • Beets: Beets are loaded with nutrients that have been found to help fight inflammation in the body like anthocyanins; anthocyanins are also powerful antioxidants. Beets contain some diuretic properties and may help to flush water from the body. Beets are also a good source of heart-healthy potassium that also play a role in fluid balance in the body. Use beets in your juice, on your salad or eat them by themselves!
  1. Cut Back on Processed Foods
    Sugar, salt and chemicals can contribute to bloating and indigestion that can contribute to feeling bloated. Cut back on processed foods (like these 5 unhealthy ingredients) and instead swap for whole fruits and vegetables.
  1. Get Moving
    Exercise can help you sweat out some of that extra water. Getting more active can also boost mood and promote production of healthy brain chemicals. Go for a walk or run, try a new gym class, or even build up a sweat during yoga.
  1. Drink More Fluids
    Fluids can help to keep your appetite at bay. Aim for 64-80 oz daily. To help you remember to drink your water try setting a phone alarm to remind you, and try carrying a reusable, glass water bottle.
  1. Let it Go
    Most importantly, let it go, forget about the weekends’ overeating and move forward. It’s really the most important thing to do!