Who Inspires Joe?

Excited to bring you another video on our #AskJoeAnything series…keep the questions rolling in! If you’re tuning in for the first time, I’ll be posting a video each week answering as many questions as possible within 3 minutes. And the questions can be about anything! You can ask your questions by including the #AskJoeAnything tag on my Facebook, Twitter (@JoeTheJuicer or @RebootWithJoe) or my Instagram account @JoeTheJuicer.

Today’s video comes to you from beautiful Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia’s garden state. Don’t forget to watch my video from last week if you missed it. Here we go with this week’s. Watch the video or read below for the questions that I answered!

1. Where can I find good juice recipes and a support system for the juice journey? 

On Rebootwithjoe.com we have created a community. It’s a free online community — there’s over 250,000 that are registered in there — it’s like your own little facebook page. And you can sign up and go in there and explore forums, find people that are on the journey. There are many many people in there that are helping every body everyday. That’s a good place to find support. And don’t forget on the rebootwithjoe.com website, there’s tons of free recipes.

2. On a 21 day or more juicing plan, how do you transition from juicing to real food? What and how should it be done?
This is another great example of info you can find here on our site. We have lots of articles that explain the transition process. For me I find the best way to transition is to eat the food that you have been juicing. Then slowly add certain foods in, like maybe try gluten — see if it has an effect on you, see if it has a positive or a negative. Try fish, try animal product if that’s what you choose. Personally, if you can stick it to plants for as long as possible you’ll be doing your body a huge favor.

3. Which person have you met that inspired you?
Apart from nearly everybody who I’ve met on this road that has done a Reboot — I mean I’ve just been sitting down here doing my mail and I get so many messages per day — it really is amazing and I’m honored to get so many messages. It’s taken me a little while to think this through and I’ve gone through a number of people…

Liz Arch made a fantastic speech at MindBodyGreen’s Revitalize summit this year on domestic abuse and she was very brave. She inspired me how she got up there and just bared her soul. You can watch her speech here.

I’ve met some veterans who have lost arms and legs that are into juicing and they inspire me.

But I guess that I’ve met so many people and I guess what really strikes me is parents that have a bunch of kids that are battling to keep the bills paid and are struggling but somehow work out a way to overcome that and provide a nutrient dense plan or meal for their kids, and I reckon that inspires me.

Sorry I don’t have a specific one person because I’m inspired a lot and doing what I do with this community, I’m exposed to it. So I guess that it would be the shout out to all of those out there that are overcoming adversity and the nutritional gatekeepers of the homes who are doing a great job. There you have it. That’s who inspires me.

Signing off from Melbourne — next week I’ll be talking to you from Sydney. Juice on!