Joe Answers Your Questions {About Anything}

My team has been busy collecting questions for our latest #AskJoeAnything video series. The aim of this series is to post a video each week answering as many questions as possible within 3 minutes…and the questions don’t have to be just about juice! Here we go with our very first #AskJoeAnything‬ for 2015. As you can see I shot this video in my hotel room here in Sydney with the beautiful General Post Office Clock Tower in the background. Watch the video or read below for the questions that I answered! And don’t forget to share your questions and be sure to include the #AskJoeAnything tag on my Facebook, Twitter (@JoeTheJuicer or @RebootWithJoe) or my Instagram account @JoeTheJuicer.


  1. After the film and curing your rash, did it come back and if so what did you do to keep it from coming back? And have you consulted your physician since making your first movie?
    No it didn’t come back. I had the auto-immune disease for 8 years, and I was on the medicine for 8 years. After 60 days of juice and 90 days more days of consuming only fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds, I was completely and utterly free of all symptoms. I haven’t had any issues or taken any medication in 7.5 years. Yes, I’ve consulted my physician and they are thrilled.
  1. What is the 80/20 rule Joe? Can you explain further and give an example of a juice that fits the rule?
    An 80/20 rule is you want to have 80% of our juice coming from veggies, and 20% from fruit. I find that you don’t need it all from fruit or 50/50 because it’s sweet enough if just 20% comes from fruit.  A good example is the Mean Green. It’s got celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and ginger and apple for our sweetener. Learn more about our Golden Rule.
  1. What do you need most from all of us to support your outcomes? It’s time for us to give back.
    All I can ask for you guys to do is share our movies – share our message and get it out as far and wide as possible. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 1 and 2 and we are busy working on number three but it will not be called Fat, Sick & nearly Dead 3. This new movie is a bit of a surprise and we are working hard on it.