5 Juices for National Lemonade Day

We love lemons for their amazing nutritional benefits, and since today is National Lemonade Day, let’s go ahead and celebrate by drinking fresh lemonade! Lemons (and lemon water) help our body in many ways:

  • Neutralizes stomach acid
  • Known to aid in digestion; relieve heartburn and bloating
  • High vitamin C and immune boosters
  • Helps to cleanse the liver and stimulate the kidneys
  • Contains magnesium, calcium & potassium
  • Known to help aid in burning fat

Lemonade on the stands these days are too often loaded with sugar and other additives taking away from the health benefits. Take lemon back to its roots by enjoying it in any of the following juice lemonades:

1. Spinach Lemonade Juice

2. Fresh Pink Lemonade

3. No-Sugar-Added Strawberry Lemonade

4. Tropical Green Lemonade

5. Green Lemonade