Reboot your Health in 40 Days & 40 Nights

It is easy to get caught up in what we are giving up when making healthy changes or observing Lent. The beauty of a Reboot for Lent is that while you are indeed giving up many things like caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, etc. you are gaining many incredible nutrients that can promote wellness. Learn more.

Get Back on Track after the Holidays

Get Back on Track

The holiday season is now in full swing and with the festivities come lots of parties, heavy comfort foods and high calorie drinks. Wondering how to stick with your wellness goals during this hectic season? Here are 10 tips for getting back on track and cruising through the season healthfully.

Carrot Soup For Your Thanksgiving Table


Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Thank you all for making this community such a welcoming and open place. Thank you for inspiring me and everyone on the Reboot team. Thank you for supporting each other and for giving the Reboot a try. Thank you for helping to spread the word about this movement […]