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FAQ – Peels & Stems – Lose Them or Juice Them?

  Q: Peels and stems: lose them or juice them? A: Stems – juice them! It will yield more fluid. Peels – it’s a personal preference. The zest or peel contains important phytonutrients but lends a bitter flavor. If you juice the peel choose organic and wash well.

FAQ – What about Diarrhea?

Diarrhea: Diarrhea is defined as having an increased number of bowel movements in a 24-hour period from what you normally would have. This particularly includes increased frequency of soft, loose, or watery stools. Diarrhea during the Reboot can be a result of: (1) rapidly increasing the fiber content in one’s diet, (2) the introduction of digestive enzymes released in the juicing process, (3) following a liquid diet, and (4) an underlying tendency toward diarrhea/frequent stools (including history of irritable bowel syndrome). Q: How can I improve my digestion after the Reboot? A: Here are some tips to help slow your digestive system to a comfortable pace again: • Drink plenty of fluids (diarrhea can compromise your body’s fluid and salt ... Continue

FAQ – What about Constipation?

  Q: What can I do about bowel irregularities during my Reboot?   A: It is not unusual to experience either constipation or diarrhea during the Reboot process. Read these tips below to help alleviate symptoms and keep your digestion on track.   Constipation: Constipation is defined as difficult, incomplete, or infrequent bowel movements. Drastic changes to ones eating pattern can cause the rate of digestion to slow for some people. Common culprits that can trigger constipation during a Reboot include: • Lack of hydration • Rapid increase in fiber intake • Decreased physical activity • Underlying tendency toward constipation (including history of irritable bowel syndrome)   Start with the 3 Ws: water, walking & wheat grass juice. If this ... Continue

FAQ – Where’s the 60-Day Reboot From The Movie?

Q: Is there a Reboot plan for a 60 day juice fast like the one Joe did in the movie? A: No. We do not have any plans that provide information or daily support for a Reboot lasting 60 days. Joe’s 60 day Reboot was conducted under strict medical observation with a customized nutrition plan. We currently offer 3, 5,10, juice then dinner and 15 day plans because we believe these plans are more achievable and provide the impact your body needs to Reboot. If you want to try a Juice Only Reboot, more information on that can be found here.

FAQ – How Do I Navigate Social Events?

  Q: How do I navigate social events while on my Reboot?   A: We all lead busy lives full of social events with family, friends and for work. In American culture, social events mean lots of eating and drinking. So, how can you stick with your Reboot and still enjoy a social gathering? Our best advice is plan ahead.   For potlucks, bring a veggie dish to share if you are in eating phase of a Reboot. If you are just juicing, bring a large jar or bottle filled with your juice to the party. You may even want to bring extra juice for others to try. Spend a lot of time talking and socializing (and less time around ... Continue

FAQ – What’s the Difference Between Juicing & Smoothies?

Sometimes it seems like a case of Red Sox vs. Yankees fans – strong supporters for each team who would never dream of crossing over to support the other side. But unlike baseball, there is quite a bit to be gained from sampling the best of both worlds. Let’s break down the benefits of smoothies and fresh juice during a Reboot. Smoothies Equipment: Blender Price: There are lots of good ones on the market and most are inexpensive Process: Load up the blender with clean, fresh or frozen fruits, veggies like green leafys (swiss chard or spinach for example) and liquid like coconut water. Off your Reboot try almond, hemp or soy milk, cacao nibs or chia seeds for fun. ... Continue

FAQ – Weight Questions

Q: How do I promote weight loss during the Reboot? A: The primary goal of the Reboot is to begin a journey of health and wellness for a lasting lifestyle change. For those who are overweight, weight loss is typically a side effect of a Reboot, which for some individuals is great news. For many, weight loss may be a key reason you would like to try a Reboot, as a jump start to a long term weight loss plan. For others, weight loss is just a temporary by-product of the Reboot and not a primary goal. For more information on how weight loss and your Reboot, click here. Q: What about weight gain? A: For some, unintentional weight gain ... Continue

FAQ – What Side Effects Could One Expect?

Q: What side effects or symptoms could one expect during a Reboot? A: A Reboot offers tremendous benefits, but you should also be aware of potential side effects. These include but are not limited to: fatigue, headache, low blood sugar, constipation or diarrhea, increased body odor or bad breath. Most of these side effects are temporary. Increasing your fluid intake can alleviate many of these symptoms and we have a FAQ that addresses constipation and diarrhea, specifically. If any of these symptoms are severe or continuing, please consult with your physician to be sure you manage them wisely. Take care to evaluate how you are responding to the Reboot before driving or operating any heavy machinery.

FAQ – How Often Can I Reboot?

Q: How often can I Reboot? A: It is recommended to engage in a 15 day Reboot no sooner than 3 months or 12 weeks from your last Reboot. Rebooting “once a quarter” has been the norm for many Rebooters. A 5 day Reboot express can be done every 2 months or 8 weeks.

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