You Know You’re on a Reboot When…(Funny!)

Rebooters can all relate to the following (funny) idiosyncrasies and thoughts that they experience while completing a Reboot plan. So we compiled a list of the most common experiences that let you know you’re on a Reboot:

1.) You have made 5 toilet trips already and its only 10am.
When you start drinking more fluid and juice, the initial reaction your body may have is to flush it all out. So, you may experience many more toilet trips for the initial experience of the Reboot.

2.) You talk bowel motions to complete strangers!
Rebooters will often discuss their toilet habits with other Reboots online. How much, what it looked like, what colour was it and did it float or sink?? There is lots of poo talk among the Rebooters. Hey, everyone does it!

3.) Initially you may feel like the grumpiest person on the planet and you wonder why no one else feels this way.
Your downer mood is common, but once you get past the initial three days, the sun should start shining brighter for you. If you experience any negative symptoms we suggest you follow these guidelines and talk to other fellow Rebooters or Ask the Nutritionist.

4.) You have crazy thoughts about food that you don’t normally eat or desire.
The first time I did a Reboot I started having crazy cravings for junk that I never normally would eat or want, such as donuts and pastries. This was only on the second day and I’m not certain where this thought came from. Perhaps it was from advertising that I wasn’t conscious of or a bakery that I walked past without too much attention initially but my body was screaming for dense calories due to the calorie drop. Then from day 3 all I wanted was super healthy light foods and I started planning my food attack (salads and soups) for when I started transitioning.

5.) Your biggest problem is how you’re going to get your juices through airport security.
People often have all sorts of plans and tactics set for not breaking their Reboot, juicers being squashed into luggage, jugs of juice at parties, juicers set up in hotel rooms, frozen juices carted around the country side. This is an awesome effort and where there is a will there is a way!

6.) You’re up and about doing things after a time when you are normally feeling tired and worn out.
I have often seen questions and statements made by Rebooters that they are coming home from work and normally they would be sitting on the couch watching TV and falling asleep in the early evening but they have the stamina, desire and energy to keep going.

7.) Even with all of the energy, you’re able to sleep like a baby.
Besides the extra energy that Rebooters often tell us about they also let us know that they are sleeping better and waking feeling more refreshed without having to rely on caffeine.

8.) You feel guilty because you ate a handful or nuts!
This is all too true because often people will express guilt over a food slip up while doing the suggested Reboot. If you feel you really need something extra we encourage extra servings of fruit or vegetables. Once you have finished the Reboot then include these healthy snacks in your diet regularly.

9.) You’re surprised at the fact that you are actually craving healthy foods.
People who often eat processed junk food start experiencing food cravings for green juices, a kale salad and veggie-based soups. Bet they thought that would never happen!

10.)  You enjoy those juices you once described as liquid grass or pond scum.
When you first tried juicing you thought the green juices all tasted like grass or looked like pond scum, but now you find that you genuinely enjoy them and you are now looking forward to the next!

11.)  You feel you can see, think and smell more clearly.
The increase in nutrients can get everything working well again so those flowers you once walked past unnoticed are now jumping out at you, you remember where you put your keys and those fruits and veggies are more colorful than ever.

12.)  By the time you are truly into the Reboot people are commenting on your glowing skin!
One of the first things people will notice about excellent health changes will be the colour, tone and hydration of your skin! So enjoy the compliments.

13.)  You start telling everyone that they should be on a Reboot!
 When people have a great positive experience from making changes they want to spread the word, so before you know it you’re telling a complete stranger and everyone you know that they need to Reboot ASAP.

Did we miss something? Please tell us how YOU know you’re on a Reboot…