Trend Alert! Juicy Cocktails

Sure, we’ve all heard of a screwdriver or a bloody mary, but there is a new trend that is taking juice-based drinks to a whole new level. Fresh vegetable juice, (Yes, vegetable!) is popping up on cocktail menus across the U.S. While it may not be appropriate to indulge in these veggie concoctions while you’re on an actual Reboot, it is certainly an interesting twist and yet another way to increase your consumption of fruits and veggies. Best of all, it demonstrates the growing interest in fresh vegetable juice!

Food and Wine Magazine is talking about the trend, including a mention of a margarita made with kale & ginger juice. And here in New York, I’ve noticed fresh veggie juice on several menus, like at The Cellar with a drink called “Hunting Trail” made with beet puree, and the “Swedish Cuke” featuring cucumber juice at Craft.

So, why not boost your nutrient intake next time you’re at Happy Hour! Or better yet, when you host a party, try serving up an extra special cocktail made with the fresh stuff — On New Year’s Eve, I served punch made with fresh blood orange juice, rosemary and bourbon (see photo).

Here are some tips for adopting this trend while hosting:
– Keep a non-alcoholic batch for anyone who wants to taste, but may not want alcohol.
– Embrace the craze and try something green!
– Make simple recipe cards to share, because surely your guests will covet these trendy recipes.
– Herbs make a great addition — whether muddled in the glass or used as a garnish.

Juice On!