Take Your Body on Its Own Spring Break

Spring is here (technically speaking, but sure doesn’t feel like it with 30 mile an hour freezing winds in Boston!).  Spring is one of my favorite times of year; full of promise for warmth, growth, change and a perfect time for solidifying those new years resolutions before summer and bathing suit season hits!

When we think of spring break, images of trips to sunny Florida beaches, amusement parks with kids or late night college parties may come to mind.  Instead of spending this year’s spring break waiting for the wine-induced headache to clear, consider this time of renewal as an opportunity to take charge of your health. 

Springtime is a perfect time to reboot.  In fact, dedicating a few days or weeks to clean eating or juicing is sort of like a spring-cleaning for your body, mind and soul. A standard American diet full of processed foods, refined sugars, greasy fats and deplete of nutrients and plants can leave us feeling sluggish and sad.  Flooding our systems with nature’s goodness and wealth of immune supporting phytonutrients allows us to feel energetic, optimistic and bright.  Shedding a few pounds before summer can also help to promote a positive outlook and fight off persistent inflammation or aches and pains leftover from winter hibernation of eating comfort foods and spending more time on the couch or just indoors.  

Including more fruits and veggies like fresh juice can also help ward off spring’s ailments of seasonal allergies or colds.  Specifically, calcium and magnesium rich choices like kale, swiss chard or carotenoid rich foods like carrot, sweet potato or tomato.  Also drinking plenty of water.

Recipes like these may help:
Sweet Potato Pie Juice
Lentil and Butternut Squash Curry
Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries

Thinking about trying a Reboot this spring? Consider one of our Guided Reboots where working with a supportive peer group and an expert coach can make all the difference!