Kathlyn Finds Juicing to Be “The Secret Elixir” to Curing Her Severe Acne

” I struggled with severe acne for the past four years and the medications I was on only made my situation worse. After numerous failed visits to the dermatologist, I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which inspired me to take responsibility for my own health through a change in diet and lifestyle.” Read Kat’s full story to see how a 3 Day Reboot changed her life.

Radiant Skin Begins With Clean Plates

by: Lisa Roberts-Lehan (Clean Plates Author) Glowing skin is anything but skin deep: our epidermis is often the visible scorecard for how well we eat. Here is a shortlist of my favorite go-to beauty foods. Look for these gems at your local farmer’s market, food co-op or health food store, and start noshing your way […]