Rejuvenate Your Skin After Too Much Fun (aka Booze)

Has a weekend with friends or a whole season of indulgence left your skin looking a little lackluster? Don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to get your glow back without paying a fortune at the dermatologist. Follow this Reboot crash course to rejuvenate your skin and look vibrant and healthy in no time.

  1. Take a week (or more) off from booze.

    Unfortunately, the truth is that alcohol is a toxin. I know, I am the barer of bummer news but alas it is the truth. Alcohol is particularly harsh on our gut and we all known how much our gut impacts the health of our complexion. So the best medicine is to take a hiatus from the booze and in place drink lots of water, fresh juice and smoothies. Maybe its a week…or maybe its a month or more, your skin and gut will thank you!

  2. Get true beauty rest.

    During your booze hiatus you will actually achieve true beauty rest. It is true that a night cap might make falling asleep easier, but it actually prevents your body from entering its most restful and recuperating type of sleep, known as REM sleep. You might sleep through the night, but your body is still missing out on serious beauty sleep. So skip the night cap, make a cup of herbal tea and crawl in early for a full night of rejuvenating Zzz’s.

  3. Sweat.

    Our skin is the largest organ in the body and actually plays a small role in detoxification. When we sweat, we are allowing our body to actually get rid of some toxins and can help to decrease bloat or puffiness due to improved circulation from movement and sweat. So bring on that fitness class, a swift walk or even a sauna. Just remember to rehydrate!

  4. SOS (Save Our Skin)!

    Booze, sugar, salt…just a few of the staple food groups that tend to show up at gatherings or when dining out. All of which are majorly dehydrating for our bodies and you guessed it, our skin. The skin is the first place we see dehydration, particularly in our face – hello dark circles and puffy under eyes. Beyond drinking half our body weight in water and a healthy serving of coconut water and fresh juice for added electrolytes – what more can be do to combat the post-holiday poof and fast?Clear your evening plans and make room for some serious skin Rebooting.

Three quick steps to more lustrous skin: 

  1. Hydrating Face Mask

    Pack in the hydration with a luxurious hydrating face mask that only takes one simple ingredient: Avocado!The Avocado Face Mask is a hydrating and revitalizing way to Reboot your skin. Want a boost? Try adding some organic honey for a hydration boost or a little organic yogurt as a natural exfoliant. 

  1. Relaxing Epsom Salt Bath

    A long weekend or a late night can leave our bodies feeling depleted, lethargic and downright out of sorts. A serious R&R session is in the cards to get you back into tip-top shape. Draw yourself a relaxing Epsom Salt Bath and soak your woes away.Epsom salt is magnesium-rich, which is an essential mineral to our health. It is known as the “relaxation mineral” that will help sooth your body and muscles while also easing your mind. Magnesium is absorbed through your skin while you relax and destress.Add 1/2 to 1 cup of Epsom Salt to warm bath water and enjoy!

  1. Puffy Eye Cure-All

    Alcohol is the number one culprit for causing bloat and that stubborn “puffiness” under your eyes and just about everywhere else. This simple trick is great to have on hand to quickly sooth fatigued eyes.Place two teaspoons in the freezer for 2 or more hours (or keep them in there!). Rinse the spoons quickly with cold water (really important!) then find a comfortable place to sit or lie down to rest your head and gently rest the spoons against your eyes for 1-2 minutes. The cold temperature helps to constrict blood vessels and decrease that puffy eye appearance.

Try all three quick tricks at once for a fully rejuvenating evening to get you and your skin back on the right track!