Joe Cross

Joe Cross Invites You to a LIVE Chat

Watch Hungry for Change for free this Thursday at 8am (EDT) for 36 hours, PLUS then you can catch up with me for a live video call at 8pm (EDT) on Friday!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Juice On

Another great weekend for the Fully Charged Book Tour. Check out the highlights from my three events in the state of beautiful Texas.

Sunnies, Books & Palm Trees, Oh My!

What a week I've had in Florida for the Fully Charged Book Tour! Don't miss this exciting and sunshine filled recap.

Losing Weight, Treated Differently

Get Joe's answer for how his friends have treated him differently since he lost weight.

Fully Charging My Way From NYC To The Big D

Two cities in two days! The Fully Charged Book Tour continued this weekend in NYC and Detroit.

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Reboot

Joe answers one of the most common questions he receives from new Rebooters.

Are Store-Bought Juices Okay to Drink?

Joe tackles the common questions on the quality store-bought juices and muscle loss during a Reboot.