How Do You Back Off The Booze?

Coming to you from Sydney, Australia with this week’s Ask Joe Anything! I’m covering three different questions on this one, so sit back, relax and get the popcorn ready (just kidding, it’s only 6 minutes). You can also read the answers below but if you want to get the answer to the bonus question, you’ll have to watch! If you have a question for me, make sure to share it in the comment section below or ask me on social media using #AskJoeAnything. If you’ve missed the previous Ask Joe Anything series, you can check out the questions I’ve already tackled in the past ten weeks.

1. How did you use your juicer while on the road? Were you at public places that allowed you to use their electricity? Where did you wash/prep fruits and veggies for the juicing?

Let me let you in on a little secret — we had a generator and we used that from time to time, but really we used a really long extension chord. We had about 3 or 4 of them plugged together. So, we would go to a gas station or somewhere that was by the road and we would set up our little prep. We used hoses in front yards for washing vegetables (we asked of course), and we also used gas stations. We did have one of those camper vans that has a little kitchen but the sink was extremely small so we couldn’t get the produce in there to wash, so that was a big waste of time trying to drive across the country, but you know, sometimes the best laid plans don’t turn out as they should. I  also get asked all time time what generator we used. The generator I used was Black & Decker but it was so noisy that it was affecting the filming, so the extension chord from the juicer worked better.

2. I love beer and find it hard not to have beers with friends on the weekends. How did you shift away from alcohol?

I don’t know if you want to shift away from alcohol full stop. I’m not saying you should give up beer all the time, maybe it’s possible to have a beer every now and then and have it for special occasions and as a treat. You can think about it as earning the right to have a beer by having lots of fruits, veggies, smoothies, juices, salads and so on. But if beer or alcohol is something that is very destructive or not positive in your life, then perhaps you do need to abstain.

For me, I was sick and I was focused on getting well so I put myself in the fruit and vegetable “prison” where all I was going to do is consume fruits, veggies, nuts beans and seeds. So that meant I had to give up alcohol, soda, processed food, coffee, tea, animal foods, chocolate, etc. I had to give it all up. After 60 days of juice and 90 days of eating plant food, I was off medication. After 5 months of getting welll, why would I go back  to some of those foods and alcohol? That’s what I’ve done and haven’t had a drink since 2007. I don’t miss it. Sometimes I think about having rose in the summer time with friends somewhere in Europe, but other than that I don’t miss it.

I do like Ginger Ale as my treat. That’s my “fun drink”. So what you could do to disguise the fact you aren’t drinking is get Ginger Ale in a short glass with a cocktail straw. I’ve given that advice to people who still want to go out but not worry with the peer group pressure of drinking.

3. Bonus Question: Make sure to watch the video to get the answer to my bonus question on how old I am and how many times I have been proposed to!

Signing out from Sydney and look forward to heading to New Zealand this week!


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