The Evolution of Medicine Summit Starts Today (It’s Free!)

I was honored to be asked to share my experience of what I learned about taking control of my health in the FREE, online Evolution of Medicine summit that begins today. It will shine a light on the work of people I consider to be true health revolutionaries — Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, the Foodbabe (Vani Hari) and so many more. Sign up today for free.

Don’t Miss Joe Cross in Oklahoma City Tonight!

It’s amazing the power social media can have! Yesterday I was able to connect with my good mate Matthew Kenny and I can now confirm that I will be making a public appearance in Oklahoma City tonight at 6PM. Come to Matthew Kenny’s Vegan Mexican Restaurant, TAMAZUL, where I’ll be with my production team filming scenes for the new movie and will chat with everyone who shows up for a Q&A!