healthy lunch

Warm Spiced Lentil & Spinach Pita Pockets

Make an awesome lunch in less than 15 minutes. These delicious pockets are packed with nutrients and flavor and are easy to freeze to keep on hand during a busy week.

Pack the Perfect Lunch Box

To help you blast into the new season loaded with energy, try these tips when you prepare your next lunch.

Make a Perfectly Complete Salad

Hone your salad-making skills with this easy template for a perfectly balanced, simple salad.

Caramelized Onion & Kale Tart with Cashew Crust  

Need brunch plans? Now you have them! This tart is the perfect vegan treat to enjoy on a weekend morning.

Goji Sunshine Salad (Ready in 5 minutes!)

Fast, fresh and fulling; this salad is a nutrient-boost to any meal or on it's own.