10 Don’ts a Nutritionist Sticks to at a Holiday Party

I love to enjoy holiday parties just like everyone else, but I do my best to not let the season drag my health and wellness goals down. So if you’re wondering how a nutritionists navigates a holiday party while still having fun, here are the 10 Don’ts that I follow when going out. Hey, even if you stick to just 7 of these you are doing yourself a favor!

Smart Sweet: Raw Snowman Family

For everyone celebrating the holidays, we hope you are having a happy, healthy and safe day! As a little treat to you and a reminder that you can indulge in a few sweets without going overboard, we’re sharing a new holiday favorite — the Raw Snowman Family. They are delicious, simple, cute and healthier than […]

Raw, Dairy-Free, Vegan Egg Nog

Egg nog is one of my favorite rich indulgences to enjoy over the holidays. It’s always been a holiday tradition with my family because my dad makes it every year and it is oh-so-tasty, but it is oh-so-loaded with heavy cream, alcohol and sugar. In the past I’ve always tried to stay away from it by buying store-bought “healthy” versions, but they never compare. So my goal this year was to make a healthier version that not only has nutritional benefits but also tastes like actual Egg Nog and is just as decadent and delicious as my dad’s version. This raw, dairy-free, vegan version was a success.