Why the First 3 Days of Rebooting are the Hardest

Rebooting is a fantastic time to reduce unhealthy cravings, lose weight, improve well-being and start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. We as a society often eat too much sugar, salt and other highly refined processed foods to help cope with our busy lifestyles, stress, fatigue, irritation, emotional upsets, boredom and much more which is why there are many reasons why people may struggle in the initial stages of a Reboot.

How To Break Free From Emotional Eating

For many years I was afraid to tell my story. I didn’t want anyone to know “my big secret”. Even now, I have a hard time telling people that I am a recovering food addict and compulsive overeater. Recently I have come to understand that in order to fully heal myself I must step into the fear and expose my truth. Read my full story on how I broke away from emotional eating.