Pink Lemonade

A pink juice in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness was the challenge. I checked out our Food Remedies guide for a list of foods that help prevent cancer and selected green cabbage from the cruciferous family, strawberries for the flavonoids, mint for the omega-3’s, and lemon from the citrus family. The results were a delicious juice worthy of a pink ribbon.

The Skinny on Fatty Foods and Breast Cancer

Fat intake and breast cancer has been an ongoing hot button issue full of conflicting research, strong opinions and controversy.  Part of the “flip-flopping” surrounding expert dietary recommendations regarding fats and breast cancer stem from the fact that the nutrition science and research on this subject is evolving.  Early studies looking at population data suggested […]

Danielle M. Turned to Juice to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle after Breast Cancer

Name: Danielle M. Age:  34 Location:  Bergen County, New Jersey Reboot: 15-Day Classic Reboot Health Improvements: I’ve always been at a healthy weight but I did the Reboot Program for health maintenance and nutritional benefits because I had surgery twice, 33 radiation treatments, and opted against Chemo and Tamoxifen for Stage II Breast Cancer Treatment […]

A Healthy Weight Helps Fight Breast Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will continue to post a relevant topic for you each week. If you missed last week’s post on going beyond pink and feeding your body with a rainbow of colors, click here. This week we are highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for breast cancer […]

Beyond Pink: A rainbow of colors may promote breast cancer survivorship

October is breast cancer awareness month and a perfect time to examine how including more plant foods like fruits, vegetables and fresh juice, can help to prevent cancer and promote survivorship.  A healthy diet, physical activity and weight management are linked to increased survival rates and better quality of life in breast cancer survivors. An […]