Stacy no longer controlled by sugar cravings

Stacy Stone knew she needed to make a big, healthier shift after she sold her company and started a new one. The overwhelming levels of stress triggered more and more frequent overeating. When Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead showed up on her doorstep, she had that lightbulb moment that there was a better path she could follow. With the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes, Stacy learned to let go of the junk and start craving healthy, nutritious foods.


My Results

  • I lost 27 pounds*
  • I have more energy*
  • Feeling mentally sharp*
  • My skin looks and feels great*
  • I crave healthy foods
  • Food doesn’t control me

Why I Rebooted: To get a healthier relationship with food

I’ve always been a healthy, active person, despite a lifetime of poor eating habits aggravated by binge eating. I’ve struggled with my weight, usually wanting to lose 30 to 40 pounds.

I had heard about the movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead for several years, but never thought much of it. Juicing wasn’t a healthy means to lose weight or a healthy thing to do for any reason . . . or, so I thought.

My binging was out of control

At the time, I was struggling. I had just sold my business, and I was starting a new one. Things were going well, but I had a lot of stress in my life. I was dealing with the stress by eating. I was out of control with no end in sight.

I have no idea why I put Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead in my Netflix queue, but I did. A few months later, it showed up in my mailbox.

Joe’s movie changed my life

The fact that the movie was suddenly in my hand to watch at a time when food was in control of my life was one of those coincidences that seems like fate. It was exactly what I needed to see at that exact moment, and it changed my life.

I watched the movie as well as all of the DVD extras. And then watched it again. I immediately ordered it on Amazon and watched it several more times before my copy arrived. I couldn’t get enough. I was amazed at the transformation Joe experienced, and I knew I needed to learn more.

My Guided Reboot was my perfect next step

I found the Reboot with Joe website. When I stumbled across the Guided Reboots, I immediately signed up.

Although I have always been physically active, I have also found myself constantly trying different diets to lose anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds. So my goals were straightforward when I started juicing. I simply wanted to lose weight.

I chose the Diabetes program for its depth

Although not diabetic myself, I knew I wanted to participate in the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes since it was a blend of juicing and healthy eating.

Because it was 60 days long, it was clear to me that this would be an in-depth program. The weekly webinars would help me build what I was learning into my daily routine. I also liked the idea of being part of a group all starting at the same time, under the watchful eye of a coach.

I loved my Guided Reboot coach. Rhaya was knowledgeable, passionate about her subject matter, caring, sincere, and non-judgmental. The webinars were excellent—full of depth and actionable information.

I learned a great deal during this Reboot, and enjoyed watching my fellow Rebooters experience positive changes with their health and diabetes.

My story is more of a whisper than a shout

I can’t say that this Reboot set me on the path to lose 100 lbs, because I didn’t have 100 lbs to lose. I have never taken medication, and my blood work has always been in the normal range, so it’s difficult to measure the achievements of my journey. But the achievements are there, and they have changed my life forever.

I lost weight (27 lbs)*, and although I was excited about the weight loss, I found my greatest achievements caught me by surprise.

I feel so energized and clear

My energy level was off the charts, I felt mentally and physically sharp*, and my skin looked and felt fantastic*.

I found I craved healthy foods, and perhaps most importantly, I was regaining a healthy sense of control around food. I realized how deeply the food industry influenced my behavior by manipulating hardwired biological reactions, and how to identify when I was falling prey to the dangerous dieters mentality.

I don’t have a food addiction anymore

Something clicked for me when I did my last Reboot. It was unexpected, and it wasn’t at all what I was looking to walk away with. But suddenly food has lost its pull over me. I still have cravings and I still fall into sugar binges, but I no longer find myself lost in them.

Now, I have a different relationship with food, and when I begin to feel myself falling back into old patterns, I always know that I can do a short Reboot to regain balance.

I’ve found juicing to be the cornerstone of finding my way thru the maze and what I like to call “back to center.” When sugar starts to control my life, juice pulls me back from the abyss. When I put on a few more pounds than I’m comfortable with, juicing takes them off.

Juicing is now part of my life

Each day I drink a green juice for breakfast, whether or not I am Rebooting. Regardless of what lies ahead, I know I started my day with high quality nutrition.

I wish I had understood how my past eating habits had left me undernourished. I think that this was a big factor in the cravings and binges I experienced during those years.

Had I known that my body would be provided with a higher level of nutrition when juice fasting, and that I would feel vibrant and healthier with more energy I would have started juicing years ago!

I stay on track with “juice sprints”

In February, I started doing what I call Juice Sprints. I juice 5 days and then eat whatever I want without restriction for 2 days. I’ve lost 22 pounds*, but more importantly I feel my attitude changing towards food.

When I choose to eat junk food, I seldom am satisfied, and with each passing week, the quantity of food I eat decreases. On my “days off” I find myself anxious to get back on juice and I no longer have the dangerous “last supper” mentality to eat everything in sight before starting another 5-day Sprint!

If my best friend were considering a Reboot, I would tell her this…

Juicing isn’t easy. It takes effort and commitment. There’s shopping, kitchen prep, planning, and temptations, not to mention the endless confused looks from friends and family.

But if you are willing to commit, the results are well worth the effort. I know that when I juice, I feel better and I make better decisions . . . and I have never felt so vibrant and healthy.

The benefits of juicing overflow into every aspect of my life, and I am so happy that I stumbled across Joe’s movie and the Guided Reboot!