TwoThumbs Up in Georgia

I arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday  night after spending a few nice days off in Florida.  I had a great time playing golf with my dad and really enjoyed the few days of being phone-free (for at least most of the day). While I cherished that time, I was also happy to get back on the road, and everyone in Georgia made it super easy to get back to work!  My trip in Georgia started with a segment on Atlanta and Company – we had a blast juicing on set.

Then I was off to Barnes & Noble for my first event of the week. I might sound like a broken record but everyone I meet inspires me more and more.

Like my new friend Dan in this photo below. He has lost 70 pounds since December by doing a 30-Day Reboot and then he did another 14 days! He’s starting up another Reboot again.

And Lisa who drove 6 hours to be here…

Then there was MaryBeth & Sheri. MaryBeth has built her own growing health community in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s fantastic to see the effect one person can have on an entire community.

Gotta love a big hug! And this hug was so she could bring it to her husband!

Joe and Joe giving a thumbs up…

and the many other amazing people in this awesome crowd! Thank you!

The next stop was at the Books-a-Million in Peachtree. Again, I was completely blown away by all the amazing stories that came out of this lively group.

Loved meeting more young kids who love their green juice! Thanks for bringing your whole family JR, and for starting them in green juice early!

Tracy here was on her 40th Day of a Reboot! She has so much energy that she drove five hours just to be here.

And a big thanks to Julia, Carissa & Jenna for being awesome sports helping out at the event & trying out the Mean Green Juice. Juice on!

I’m in Kansas City today and Texas and Arizona the rest of the week. Check out the details and I hope to meet many more of you there!