One Week Until Your Reboot Begins!


In just one week you will begin your 3-Day Big New Year’s Guided Reboot. To get the most out of your Reboot, we encourage you to spend this week transitioning your body properly. The transition phase is a vital component of the Reboot process because it gives your body time to carefully ease into the cleansing phase where you will consume only fruits and vegetables.


By slowly making changes to your diet and mindset before your Reboot starts, you will help reduce the shock to your system physically, mentally, emotionally and logistically and lessen the intensity of potential side effects that often come with a Reboot in the first few days.


Here are a few helpful tips to kickoff this seven-day countdown:


  1. Drink at least one fresh juice per day, starting now until your Reboot begins.  Find great juice recipes at RebootwithJoe.com/recipes/ and start experimenting to find ones you like. Some of my favorites are the Mean Green, Sunset Blend, and Peach Pie Juice.
  2. Experiment with a variety of different colored juices so you begin to drink the colors of the rainbow. You might find green juices don’t agree with your taste buds right away or you might love them! Regardless, give the juices a chance. You’ll be surprised how quickly your taste buds start to adapt.  
  3. Drink 64 – 72 ounces (2 litres) of water throughout each day, starting now and until your Reboot ends. The increase in water consumption helps flush toxins that may be released during the Reboot, helps to reduce food cravings, keeps your energy levels up, and your digestion running smoothly.
  4. Begin to slow down and go to bed earlier than usual to get extra rest.


Stay tuned for more transition information to come tomorrow.


Juice On!