New Weekly Feature from Freshmade NYC: After School Snacks

This week our friends, Cara and Thomas, from Freshmade NYC are kicking off a new weekly feature for you (and your kids) – After School Snacks! Kids always tend to come home from school hungry, so why not fill them up on nutrients? Freshmade NYC began with a mission to not only expose healthy foods to young children, but to also give parents and caregivers ideas of how they can create a love for healthy eating in their children. With these healthy After School Snacks, parents can do just that! And guess what, you can enjoy these snacks, too.

To kick it off, the snack of the week includes Apple “Bagels”, a delicious smoothie, and a fun book to read to get your kids excited about eating healthy.

Apple “Bagels”:
All you need to do is slice your apple into 1/4″ slices and core it with a small cookie cutter. Fun shapes make eating healthy more exciting and appealing. The apples go wonderfully with Maple-Walnut Butter. You can top them with goji berries, toasted coconut flakes, or raisins. Get the full recipe for Maple-Walnut Butter here.

Kukie Kooler Smoothie:
Smoothies and juices complete the After School Snack and kids always love them. This week’s smoothie was the Kukie Kooler that our little taste testers drank right up. Get the recipe here.

Book to read: Apples and How they Grow:
While you’re feeding your child heaps of healthy food, why not teach them about it, too? This week read Apples and How They Grow. 

Enjoy the snacks and let us know your favorite healthy snacks for your kids.