Lisa seeing clearer and 55 pounds lighter*

Lisa Suhay was suffering with chronic lower back and joint pain. When she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes—the same chronic disease that killed her grandmother—she decided to make a change. After watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” with her husband and sons, the whole family started juicing. They experienced clearer skin, balanced weight, and fewer aches and pains. Not only did Lisa lose over 50 pounds and get out of pain, she also got many surprising health benefits.*


My results:

  • I’ve lost 55 pounds*
  • My arthritic joint and back pain is gone*
  • I can easily kayak and walk at least 6 miles a day without pain!*
  • My eyesight is much better—it improved 3 prescriptions*

My family’s results:

  • My husband lost 30 pounds and broke a Guinness Book record for sailing*
  • My sons have clear skin – no more acne*

Why I Rebooted: To lose weight and relieve my joint and back pain

I was suffering with pain in my joints and lower back, unable to walk a block without sitting down in agony and all over from pre-diabetic inflammation. I popped Tylenol and Motrin like candy with no relief. I was in too much pain for physical therapy.

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at age 50 at my local community center’s health fair, it was a major wake-up call. My grandmother died of Type 2 Diabetes, so I knew it was serious.

I finally gave in to my Netflix queue’s dogged recommendation to watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

My whole family joins me on my journey

And actually, I watched it three times: on my own, with my youngest son, and with my husband. We all became juicers.

My intention of a 10-day juice-only fast morphed into a 30 day Reboot. I went vegan after 90 days of a plant-based diet.

I used the Reboot With Joe Juice Diet app for my Reboot. And then I bought and downloaded literally every single one of Joe’s books for Kindle – from The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet to 101 Juice Recipes. I’m a JOE junkie! ☺

I’m down 55 pounds*, and I have an active outdoor business

Before I rebooted, I was working from home as a journalist and children’s book author. I spent a lot of my time sitting. Now, I’m walking a minimum of six miles a day (more often 10 or 12) and 55 lbs lighter.*

I started my own business, renting remote controlled sailboats. Now, I’m outdoors almost all day, kayaking around The Hague river retrieving little boats and setting markers for races. I hoist the kayak on and off the Jeep all by myself.

In addition, I’m working part-time as a news editor for The Waterway Guide, a sporting publication. I still write children’s books.

My husband’s juicing accomplishments inspire me daily

My husband, Rob, juiced with me, and he dropped 30 pounds.* He was finally able to break the Guinness World Sailing Record for “Longest Distance Ever Sailed in A Dinghy.” He has become an avid juicer, and he’s my daily inspiration to maintain my weight loss.

My sons have clear, acne-free complexions

Three of our four sons added juice to their diets and stopped eating junk food. Acne is gone from our home at last.

Our youngest son is vegan, and he’s now a slim 13-year-old with no acne. He’s the first of four brothers not to get it at all.

My eye doctor was surprised at my improved vision

One completely unexpected benefit has been my eyesight improving dramatically. Over this past summer, I was upset that I couldn’t see with my prescription eyeglasses. When I went to my eye doctor, he told me that my sight had become stronger—three prescription strengths better. He explained that he’d read about cases like this in medical journals, but he’d never seen it actually happen. He said it was due to the increased blood circulation to the membranes in my eyes. He was blown away.

We’re sticking with our new healthy habits

Today, there is no animal meat of any kind in our home. Some of our family members still eat dairy, or the occasional egg or tuna. But I am still vegan, as is our youngest son.

I juice for breakfast most mornings, and often for lunch as well. I eat healthy snacks and a moderate vegan dinner.

If I slip, I know how to get back on track

I eat far less that I ever have in my life, although vegan pizza and the occasional cookie or vegan ice cream still have their days.

If I indulge, I balance it back out with exercise and a few days of juice-only fasting to bring my weight back into line. Watching and re-watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” has also helped me at times when I go up a few pounds and need to motivate again.

What I wish someone told me so that I would have started sooner

I can’t say I got my life “back” because, frankly, my life was never this good before.

Our whole family is active and trying new things together. My husband and I now work out together, and I still walk as often as I possibly can. I am so active now that I take every opportunity to try new sports with my sons. We recently went out to archery night at the community center and it has become a new family passion.


Lisa seeing clearer and 55 pounds lighter - Before pictures


Lisa seeing clearer and 55 pounds lighter - After Pcitures

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