How to Help Your Loved Ones Get On Board with a Reboot

It’s so exciting to make positive lifestyle and dietary changes — especially when you’re rewarded with improved energy, a happier mood, weight loss and potentially even the improvement of a chronic condition. Small wonder, then, that you can’t help but want to tell the world and get everyone you know on board with these healthy habits. Or, maybe you’re planning to Reboot, and want support and positive energy from friends and family.

Here’s how to introduce the idea of a Reboot so that your loved ones will support you enthusiastically — and maybe even try a Reboot themselves!

Be an example – making healthy positive changes for yourself is the first step to show people that it can be done. One of my favorite expressions rings true here: Be the change you wish to see in the world! When your loved ones see the positive impact of your Reboot, it’ll encourage them to offer support.

Watch the movie – watching Joe’s film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which has motivated hundreds of thousands and possibly more to make permanent changes and to partake in juicing cleanses to increase their health and wellness. This is a great way to show your loved ones why you’re doing a Reboot.

Read the testimonials – nothing is more powerful then reading the success stories of others. It’s inspiring, supportive and positive to understand the struggles that others can go through and the resolutions and happy places people can find themselves in. Seeing these stories from real people can help your loved ones know why you’re Rebooting — and may even get them interested.

Share the benefits – there are so many benefits to a Reboot and some quite unexpected that you won’t be able to not share these. A list given, emailed or a small conversation can do the trick to gain interest and understanding on what a Reboot can really offer to loved ones.

Follow us – enlist your loved ones to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so they can read for themselves the long list of health benefits of juice, a Reboot plan and eating more plant foods can do for them. They can also sign up for our weekly newsletter here. People often respond well to education and positive support.

Bite size pieces – giving people small amounts of information about juicing and Rebooting is often the best approach. You don’t want to overwhelm people — so try just sharing an article, juice or testimonial to showcase Reboot benefits.

Make a juice- or plant-based recipe to share – at your next get-together with your loved ones, make one of our healthy juices or recipes to share. Once friends and family see how delicious healthy food can be, Rebooting might not seem so challenging!