An Inside Look Into a Guided Reboot: Chris Completes 30 Days

So, I decided to do my first Reboot. Not because I was dying to do one, but I’m the Community Manager at Reboot with Joe, so when the entire Reboot team said yes to testing out our new 5-Day Guided Reboot service (which is no longer offered due to the high demand of longer Reboots), I couldn’t be the only one not participating. I enjoyed juices but not the green ones so

To my surprise, I completed the Reboot and I’m SO happy I did it. And guess what, not only did I complete the 5 days we initially committed to but I was so inspired and felt so good that I ended up surpassing everyone and went on to complete 30 days of juice only. I definitely needed the 5 days of support to give me the initial boost, but from there I had the willpower to take it in my own hands.

Here’s a little more about me and my Guided Reboot experience…

My diet before our Guided Reboot sucked! While I’ve never been a big meat eater, my diet was full of processed foods, heaps of carbs and dairy products, and loaded with caffeine. When the Reboot team starts juicing in the Reboot Kitchen, I’d normally prefer to go for my bag of chips. As Joe says, “I was spending too much time in the fun part of town.”  I gave myself the excuse of having a one year old at home. My wife and I are both busy raising her and working a lot, so I told myself this is not the most conducive environment to eat “healthy”.  After my Guided Reboot, I’ve come to realize that excuse is nonsense.

I made sure to prepare for my Guided Reboot the week before so I gave up caffeine cold turkey. Ouch! “Hello” day long migraines, sluggish days and early nights – the headaches were the toughest thing to deal with but my coach had some great tips that helped overcome this first hurdle on my new found path to wellness.

Now I could tell you my Guided Reboot was AMAZING from start to finish but that would be a lie. My first four days were absolutely horrible.  I was hungry, tired, moody, and ready to give up. Then my coach told me to “drink more juice – you may need it”. At the time all I could think to myself was “only three more days and thankfully this experience will be over” but I did as she said and drank more juice.

The night of day five, something almost magical happened. Out of nowhere I felt a rush of energy, I looked at the clock and it was 11pm, surprised that I was still awake, I felt like I had more energy than the last four days combined.  This new found energy (that didn’t come from caffeine) was amazing.

I woke up early on day six and despite staying up late because of all the energy I had, I was not tired, and it had been the best I felt in a long time. That morning, I made my decision to continue my Reboot. I had just started to feel good and I know juicing was to thank, and I did not want to stop this feeling.

Thirty days later, my skin is clearer, I have more energy, and I feel renewed. I still haven’t stepped on a scale, but I know I’ve lost weight, I can feel it and I’ve gone down two notches on my belt buckle.  Oh, and I now like green juices.

Would I have ever done this on my own? Not likely. Did it really help to have the support of others and a coach for the first five days? Without a doubt! Would I do it again? YES. My advice to anyone that’s struggled with their Reboot –stick with it- the first few days can and WILL be tough but every day following is worth it.

Interested in diving into an experience like mine? Sign up for the 15 Day or 30 Day Guided Reboot.

Good luck!