An Earth-Friendly Reboot


Earth Day is this Sunday, April 23 — here in the Reboot community, we are all focused on what we can do for our own health, but what about the health of the planet? Earth Day is our annual reminder to focus on ways to be good to the planet in addition to being good to ourselves.

Rebooting is about living life and enjoying it too. Celebrating and embracing good health without neglecting life’s simple pleasures. To that end, we talk about balance. Alot.

This Earth Day, why not think about finding balance with the planet as well as within yourself?  The Reboot lifestyle is, at its core, closely intertwined with the environment.  When you are on a Reboot, you eat and drink only fruits and vegetables, all of which come from the same place: The Earth! Our planet gives so much, so let’s think about how we can give back.

6 Ways to Make Your Reboot More Earth-Friendly:

1. Use a Reusable Cup for all those Juices and Smoothies
Instead of throwing away plastic ‘to-go’ cups after you finish your juice, opt for a reusable cup, thermos or water bottle and reduce the amount of garbage you produce during your Reboot.

2. Use your Juice Pulp
During a Reboot, you become closely acquainted with the fruits and vegetables you are consuming.  Do you really want to throw away the fibrous pulp that holds it all together?  There are many great uses for the pulp:  You can use it as compost in your garden (see #4) or as an ingredient in vegetable dishes.  Some people even feed it to their dog!!  For more ideas on how to use the pulp, check out our article, Pulp Non-Fiction.

3. Use a Reusable Tote Bag
When shopping for produce, don’t forget to BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag!.  You don’t need to use quite so many of the plastic bags for individual vegetables either.  I always bring my cucumbers and lemons to the register loose and no one blinks an eye!  When you buy something that does needs it’s own bag, like grapes or green beans, be sure to save that bag and re-use it yourself.  One good way is to line the pulp bin of your juicer for easy clean-up and a quick way to handle your juice pulp.  We have a nifty Reboot tote bag available here.

4. Plant a Vegetable Garden
Planting and growing your own garden is a great way to get in tune with the earth AND a great source for the produce for your Reboot.  Don’t forget to compost your veggie pulp to help make your garden grow.  Hey if you’re really adventurous (and if space and climate permits,) try planting fruit-bearing trees, they will provide your home with extra shade, lowering the need for energy-inefficient air conditioning and will yield more Reboot-Friendly ingredients. From a window box of basil to a full-fledged apple tree, there’s an option for you!

5. Shop the Farmers Market
Buy local fruits and veggies!  Reboot Nutritionist Stacy Kennedy gives a great list of reasons to Go Local. Just think about the energy required to transport a vegetable 1500 miles, the staggering average distance a veggie travels from where it is picked to your home! Not only do local foods taste better and retain higher nutrient profiles, they travel a fraction of the distance of most produce items and therefore have a smaller impact on the environment.

6. Walk or Bike to Work
When you’re on a Reboot, it’s a good idea to stay active at moderate levels.  Walking and Biking can be great ways to keep up your exercise while Rebooting, and if it means leaving the car keys at home, you’ll be doing the planet as much of a favor as you are doing for your body.

Happy Earth Day! How will you be celebrating?