6 Delicious Breakfasts Beyond Juices & Smoothies

Some mornings I feel like I can’t function until I drink my favorite Morning Green Glory Juice. It’s like my “caffeine.” It gives me a jolt of energy, a clear mind, and plant-based power to tackle the New York City subways, keep up with a busy workday, get a sweat in after work, and cook a healthy dinner when I eventually get home. However, sometimes my body is just craving a little something more than a juice, and even a little something more than my Superfood Smoothie, which is another morning favorite of mine.

This past week, the temperatures have been dropping here, and I’m thinking that probably has something to do with my recent cravings of cooking up a warmer and heartier breakfast. I’ve been enjoying these fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, super-satisfying breakfasts below.  They’ve even helped me stay warmer in our office which tends to be a little chilly!  And better yet, I’m completely satisfied until lunch rolls around, which will typically include a juice of some kind with a salad or a couple sides of roasted veggies (sweet potatoes are my absolute favorite).

Here are 6 delicious breakfasts that go beyond my typical juice or smoothie. Go ahead and try something different and see how it makes you feel!

 Berry Breakfast Quinoa

 Banana Walnut Muffins

 Nutty Breakfast Quinoa

 Raw Date Square Crumble

 Teff Oatmeal with Almonds & Blueberries

 Trail Mix Oatmeal