The Big New Year’s Reboot 3-Day Meal Plan and Shopping List

The 3-Day Plan we will be using is ready as part of our New Year New You 2014 eMag. Download the eMag and meal plan.

This is a revised plan from my new book the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet available in the UK and AUS (US and Canada coming in February 2014!). The eMag also contains tips for making 2014 the year of the happiest, healthiest you, which I’m excited to help you jump-start with our Big New Year’s Reboot!

Remember, if you have allergies or health issues, or can’t find specific ingredients, it’s OK to make substitutions.  You can access our substitution guide at https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/juicing/substitution-list/.

Happy New Year and Juice On!