Top 10 Anti-Aging Superfoods

Anti Aging Foods

Our skin is a clear indication of how well we treat our bodies. If you eat rubbish, you will feel and look it too. Here are 10 superfoods to eat to get the natural glow and a smooth complexion.

3 Natural Ways to Hydrate Your Skin During A Reboot

Healthy Skin on a Reboot

Our skin is our largest organ. Skins’ main function is to act as a barrier, protecting our internal body. Our skin is a unique organ, as we can impact its health from inside and out. It is important to provide our skin the many nutrients it needs to build a strong and healthy barrier, both from the nutrients we eat and products we use.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Glowing Green Pepper Carrot Juice

Glowing Green Pepper Carrot Juice

At Reboot, we are constantly reminding you to consume plant-based foods that are the colors of the rainbow. This week it’s a glowing orange! Maybe a little greenish-orange depending on the size of your carrots and green peppers used but still just as healthy and beautiful.

Radiant Skin Begins With Clean Plates


by: Lisa Roberts-Lehan (Clean Plates Author) Glowing skin is anything but skin deep: our epidermis is often the visible scorecard for how well we eat. Here is a shortlist of my favorite go-to beauty foods. Look for these gems at your local farmer’s market, food co-op or health food store, and start noshing your way […]