Fruits + Veggies – Sugary Processed Foods = Better Grades, Better Behavior


It’s time to start sending kids off to school with healthy choices, like smoothies and juices. Whenever I start juicing or blending up smoothies my boys (ages 8 and 3) come over to help. They love the loud noise, inevitable mess and of course the tasty drinks. They aren’t afraid to let me know which ingredients they like best and which juices or smoothies aren’t their favorites. Skip the pop-tarts and give healthy mornings a try!

Could Video Games be Good for Kids?


The red flag has long been raised for parents – if you let your kids play video games they are going to become obese.   This status quo thinking had a lot to do with video game play being a sedentary activity.  With the rise in popularity of “exergaming,” mainstream thinking of the ills of the […]

Growing Healthy Kids & Stopping Childhood Obesity

Healthy Kids

Childhood Obesity is on the rise. More than 23 million children are obese or overweight.  We all know it.  We all see it. But what can be done about it? I believe it all starts at home. We, as parents, have the ultimate control over the majority of food that goes into our kids’ bodies.  […]