What is a Reboot?

A period of time where you commit to consuming only fruit and vegetables in the form of juice or juice plus eating. Our Rebooting plans are a powerful way to hydro-boost your system by drinking 100 percent liquid sunshine or eating restorative plant-based energy to regain or sustain your vitality, lose weight, fight disease and kick-start healthy habits.

Why Reboot?

It’s the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables that provides your body with the energy and nutrition it needs to operate most efficiently. Ingesting only fruits, vegetables and water help get your internal systems running at peak condition. You’ll lose weight, feel how you should feel, and know what it feels like to be well fed.

New to Rebooting.

Start with our Rebooting Checklist, and make sure you download the Rebooting 101 Guide to get started on your Reboot. If you don’t have a juicer, check out our Juicer Buying Guide. Once you’re ready, choose a free plan — 3-days, 10-days, 15-days, or 30-days, or if you need more guidance and support, sign up for a 15 or 30 Day Guided Reboot. All of our needs are different, so we have a variety of plans to suit your individual goals.

Get Answers.

You likely have tons of questions, so we’ve done our best to answer them in our Rebooting FAQs. Still have more questions? We have a great community of fellow Rebooters who will support you on your journey.

Joe’s Book.

Have our best Reboot tips and recipes on hand by purchasing the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Book. Joe shares his Rebooting journey, real success stories, and the best tips to help you on your own Rebooting journey. It also features our plans and recipes that you can’t find on our website.