X Marks The Spot


The countdown is over and the confetti has been swept away. Along with the New Year came New Years Resolutions and I’m willing to bet a high percentage of those resolutions were food/diet/body-image related.


So how do we make those resolutions stick?


I like to think of any resolution like buried treasure. It’s not going to find itself. Instead we have to go on a journey to reap the rewards. And of course, every journey needs a bit of preparation!


Here are Three Necessities Every Successful Treasure Hunter should never be without:


Treasure Map

The hunt always starts with a Treasure Map. The clearer our goals are, the easier they are to obtain. You know how in movies there’s always a riddle or puzzle or piece of the map missing? Yeah- that’s what makes the story interesting. I mean, if the instructions were clear then there wouldn’t be much of an obstacle to overcome, right? Well, setting goals works the same way. The clearer your intentions, the easier it will be to stick to the path. Let’s go on a sample Treasure Hunt – Your goal is to break those insatiable sugar cravings and lose a few pounds.



Sometimes even with a map, we start to lose our way. That’s what makes a compass so important. It’s a sure-fire way to keep us on track and point us back to the right direction. Whether it’s in the form of mini-goals, timelines, food journals, or coaches, having something to let us know when we head south lets us continue on our journey without fear of heading the wrong way. Sign up for a Reboot programto help point you in the right direction – this is a fun, delicious, effective way to break those sugar cravings and jump start your weight loss. Use the features on the Reboot site to keep you traveling toward your treasure.


Trusty Sidekick

What Treasure Hunter goes it alone? Everyone needs a helping hand, an encouraging word, and a confidant. Find a trusted person to go on your journey with you. Two heads are always better than one and you never know when you want help with pulling up the slack. Your Reboot nutrition team will send you motivational and helpful tips each day of your program to squelch the sounds of sweets calling your name. Sign up for one of our groups to tap into support from others as they travel down their path toward wellness.


Once you have all three necessities, you are ready to go on your Treasure Hunt! Who knows what exiting adventures await you? One thing is for sure, you’ll never know until you take that first step.