I Lost Over a 100 Lbs & Extended My Life by Decades

How I Became Obese & Sick

I was a Christian Recording Artist traveling the world performing hundreds of concerts each year.  While touring over 220 days each year I developed poor eating habits but they never seemed to be a big deal because I was so active. When my traveling days came to an end I became a sales manager and real estate broker and your average family guy. As a couple years went by I ate to feel good or when I was board or because I missed my old traveling life and before I knew it I became obese and sick.

At 29 years of age I began taking cholesterol medicine and shortly after I was prescribed blood pressure medicine.  Soon it was two different blood pressure medicines followed by multiple dosage increases just to try and keep my blood pressure and cholesterol under control.  In July of 2013 I found myself taking high dosages of 3 medications daily and weighing in at over 333 pounds with my life and health heading in the wrong direction fast! Size 48 pants and 5XL shirts are not easy to come by and it ALL disgusted me!

Both of my grandfathers past away in their 60’s of heart attacks and my father who has been in shape his whole life due to a very active job had stints put in when he was in his late 50’s.  I knew that if I did not do something fast there was a good chance I may not make it to see my daughter get married!

I spent the next several months trying to figure out what to do.  My eating habits appeared to have become “NEEDS” and they were two difficult to break.  I would exercise but not see any results because my diet was so poor.  Out of frustration and depression I would stop exercising and eat more!  It was an endless cycle!

Time to Change

I had a good friend of mine tell me about Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  He said that he had just watched it and he felt I should check it out because it was so interesting.

I put it off for a couple of months until one day I was stuck at home.  My wife had accidently blocked my car in and left for the day not knowing she had all the keys to our vehicles with her.  I couldn’t go anywhere so now what was I going to do?  I remember the video my friend had mentioned about a month or two earlier and decided to search for it on Netflix.

The immediate impact that movie had on my life was remarkable.  I dove right into juicing that same day with an all or nothing attitude!  After all what did I have to lose?  I was going to die if kept going down the path that I was on.

My Reboot Journey

I decided to Reboot in two stints: 35 days the first time (and I only had to stop because I was going on a 3 and 1/2 week cross country motorcycle trip). During the trip my desires and eating habits had changed so much I actually lost 6 lbs! Then when I got back I went for 40 days straight.

The first 3 or 4 days were hell and if you were not paying attention and looked the other way, I might have bitten your finger off for something to chew on.

For me the fact that I started on Sunday, May 4, 2014 was a HUGE hurdle to jump over right away.  For as long as I can remember Cinco de mayo has been celebrated in my family as a good reason to go out to a Mexican restaurant.  If I could make it without breaking down and going with the family to eat the next day, I could make it through anything baby!

Also, having the initial first three days working instead of over a weekend actually helped quite a bit because I was so busy it took my mind off of eating!

Eventually my body settled in and I began to experience major energy, the best sleep of my life, my mind seemed clearer, my skin was clearing up and I was seeing pounds drop off!  Though the average was about 2 pounds lost per day there were times when I would see as much as 5 pounds in a day.

I was feeling so amazing from the energy boost and great sleep that I actually wanted to get off the couch and exercise. I can’t ever remember a time in my life that I WANTED to exercise but I actually looked forward to it each day.  My juice was so satisfying I was able to go from just walking 20 minutes each day to a more intense work out similar to a P90X.  I love getting on my exercise bike and watching my Mariners play a few innings while I ride a dozen miles!

My Life Today

Long story short I currently weigh 231 pounds and have gone to a size 34 pants and a large shirt!  I no longer take any medications and am healthy!  We are talking over a 100 pounds and a new found health that has extended my life by decades! I now drink mostly juice during the week and eating on the weekends.

You can’t argue with the results of juicing!  Your body has the opportunity to heal while at the same time you are flooding it with all the nutrients it could ever want or need!

The great thing is once you get the idea of a “Diet” out of your head and start treating your body right, you no longer feel like you are missing out on the old garbage you used to intake daily.  A diet causes you to suffer because you are depriving yourself of the foods you love for temporary time until you reach a goal.  It is no wonder why people fail at diets all the time!  Who wants to suffer?

When you make a life change for yourself you will also impact those around you! I can never go back to what I was because people are counting on me and I LOVE THAT!


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