Want to do a juice-only Reboot?

You’ve just seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (maybe for the second or third time!) and you’re totally psyched to start your own juice Reboot just like Joe and Phil. You found us here at jointhereboot.com, signed up, and read about the Reboot Classic, Reboot Express, Reboot Entry, and Juice Til Dinner plans, and learned there was solid food included in all of those plans. But you want to JUST JUICE – just like Joe and Phil. Now you’re wondering, how can I do that?

Did you happen to see our Long-Weekend Reboot?  It is on the plan page and is 3 days of Just Juicing. If you wish to go longer, follow the same guidelines for the length of time you plan to juice, and of course get your doctor’s approval in advance.

The Reboot Classic plan also includes 5 days of just juice – days 6-10. Look to these for more ideas on how to create a day of drinking just juice. It’s often helpful to start and finish your juice only reboot with a few days of eating veggies, fruits and drinking juice. This is how the Reboot Classic is set up; 5 days of eating + juicing then 5 days of just juice (which you can extend longer) then 5 days of eating + juicing.

Juice On!