Vitamin C Super Star

Cold weather and runny noses are all around for many of us. Are you looking to boost up your defenses through some good old Vitamin C? Here’s a fun fact that may surprise you, which of the following has the most of this important antioxidant per serving?


  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Spinach


Hmmm, could it be the usual suspect orange? Per serving, the little kiwi has twice the Vitamin C of an orange!* Mind you a serving of kiwi is about 2 kiwis or just over 3/4 cup of the sliced fruit. Include this super star in your fruit salads, mixed into fresh juice or for a snack all by itself. Here are some delicious C-rich combos: Kiwi+Strawberry+Lime, Kiwi+Pineapple+Blueberry, Kiwi+Mango+Papaya. To choose a ripe kiwi each time, feel for one that has a medium softness – too hard is under ripe and too soft is overripe.


Now the real challenge is how to get into the good stuff behind the furry exterior without making a big sticky mess. Here’s my favorite technique, but I’ll admit it’s a work in progress — Cut off the ends of the kiwi, then slice in half. Place each half cut side down onto a plate. Hold onto the skin with one hand and scoop out the flesh using the other hand. Cut into slices if desired.