VIDEO: Joe Cross on the Streets of Beverly Hills

When I first started working at Reboot Your Life, I was the production manager for the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. I absolutely loved being a part of the film team because we had the chance to meet so many incredible people along the way. And ever since the film was released, seeing how many people have been affected is both overwhelming and affirming.

When you make a movie, you end up with lots and lots of scenes and interviews that just don’t make the cut. For example, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is 95 minutes long, and yet we had more than 600 hours worth of footage to choose from!

In this post and in more posts to come, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite moments that didn’t end up in the movie or the DVD extras, but which we hope will still have meaning for you.

Without further ado… Here’s Joe, on the streets of Beverly Hills, talking to people about their fruit and veggie intake and getting pointers on how to Lead By Example!