Two More Days


It’s almost here. Only two days left until your Reboot begins!


I hope you have spent time communicating with your fellow Rebooters and getting to know each other.  And don’t forget to review your meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes from our eMag for your 3-day Guided Reboot.


We suggest getting to the store tonight or tomorrow so your kitchen is fully stocked before we begin. Set aside some time to plan ahead so that you  can review the recipes if you’re new to cooking. Also, make sure you build time into your busy week to be cooking! It might be more prep than you’re used to.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind today:


1. Continue cutting caffeine consumption and only drink 1 cup of regular green tea per day. If you have a 2nd or 3rd cup, it should be decaf.

2. Remove eggs.

3. Review your shopping list for the Reboot, and buy your produce today or tomorrow.

4. Drink a fresh juice. Find juice recipes at RebootwithJoe.com/recipes.

5. Drink 64-72 oz. (2 litres) of water.


And don’t forget to reach out to your coaches on our Ask Your Big New Year’s Reboot Coaches Discussion.


Juice on!