Top 10 Tips For Rebooting With A Family

The idea of doing a Reboot while you have a family can seem daunting. I know, because it was for me! As inspired as I was and ready for my life to change, how would I be able to drink just juice when I still had to prepare meals for my husband and toddler? I am happy to say that I have successfully done two Classic Reboots over the past year, losing 55lbs along the way… and I am excited to share some of my tips with you:

1. Include your family in the process. My toddler loves watching the veggies go through the juicer and the colorful juice coming out! My husband will hold her as we say which veggies are going in next: “Here goes the kale!” and she loves repeating the words. Older kids, with adult supervision, can even help put the veggies into the chute.

2. Juice your juice first, then prep dinner for the rest of the family. This is KEY. Before cooking, sautéing, stir-frying, or baking your family’s dinner, make your juice! Then, as you’re cooking, you can sip on your juice to help satiate your hunger/temptation. You can even pour some of your juice over ice into a fancy wine glass to feel like it’s a special treat.

3. Create meals with the same kind of foods. When you’re in the eating phases of a Reboot, coordinate your meals with the family’s. For example, make spaghetti squash spaghetti with tomato sauce for you and some other Italian dish for them. Or stir-fry some carrots, snap peas, and water chestnuts for you, and add in some rice and chicken for them. The flavors and smells blend so you don’t feel like you’re missing out!

4. Share your juice! Let your family try it too! Though my husband never officially Rebooted with me, he grew to love many of the juices. I would make enough to share an extra 16 ounce glass with him in the evenings, as a supplement to his regular diet. We were both surprised how much he liked them! And, we’ve even let the family dogs participate: they LOVE the pulp!

5. Plan ahead. Pack your lunch. Bring snacks. Buy a cooler to store your juices. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you feel you have to make a bad choice.

6. Find your motivation, and refer back to it. Often.

7. Create family goals. Though your family might not be Rebooting with you (it’s not advised for kids), they can still use the time to clean up their own diets and habits a bit as well. Create a goal or two as a family, like “once a week we’ll all try a new vegetable” or “twice a week we’ll all go to the park together and run around and play for at least 30 minutes.” Give everyone something to be working on!

8. Find support. It’s so much easier to do something when you surround yourself with others who agree with your cause and will help encourage you. Plug into the active Reboot with Joe community and/or email me anytime.

9. Don’t be afraid to step away. If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable one evening, separate yourself from the family meal. Go catch up on a show in the bedroom with your juice while the family eats. Join them again after they’re done and tell each of them something you’re thankful for.

10. Love yourself more. You’re worth this. Stay strong!