London Just Got Healthier

G’Day Rebooters!

You’ve likely seen me post pictures recently on my instagram and twitter accounts from The Juice Well in London. Well I’m super excited to share a little reason why…

My friend, Will Ricker, and I have something in common: juice saved our lives (like it has for many of you!). Will, a self-confessed sugar addict, discovered he was diabetic and, having witnessed both my results and his wife constantly drinking superfoodsmoothies to battle her auto-immune disease, jumped on the juicing super-food bandwagon. The result was he could control his sugar cravings and he lost over 12 kg/26 lbs in weight.

We have decided to join forces to launch The Juice Well to bring fresh, convenient, nutrient-packed juices to the streets of London. The Juice Well is a premium juice bar selling organic, cold pressed juices, super-food smoothies and cleanses. The juices are the living, fresh juice our bodies naturally crave. There is over one kilo of raw fruit and vegetables in just one of the bottles, which makes it a powerhouse of goodness, feeding your body with all the nutrients it desperately needs. There are as much as eight portions of your recommended five day in each bottle.

Will has been working with food and health expert Elizabeth Peyton-Jones (author of Eat Yourself Young) to design a juice menu that is fun, easy and delicious, whilst delivering the maximum nutritional value. The recipes are based on the premise we should eat a fruit and vegetable rainbow every day. Why? Essentially, the properties that give plant food their rich colours are the same elements that help protect and keep us strong. These raw and organic fruit and vegetables, in their natural state, contain a wealth of micronutrients and phytochemicals and it’s these unique nutrients that are packed full of health benefits.

Will, Elizabeth and I are on a mission to help Londoners get back to eating more fruit and vegetables. The message is simple: Reduce (not cease) eating empty calories. Think about what you put into your body. And eat more plants. It’s that simple, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

The Juice Well opened at 4 Peter Street, Soho, on May 19th. Why not start your own juice revolution there. #feelingjuicy

Juice on London!

Joe Cross