The “Fastest Men Alive” Reboot Together – Profile, part 2

Part 2 of The Fastest Men Alive Profile — Read about their toughest moments and lasting impressions of the Reboot!

What was the toughest part about the Reboot experience?

JEREMY: Getting through the weekend and prepping the juices.
ERIC: For me it has been the decision to stop fasting, start eating and come to grips with making a real change in the way I eat.
BRYAN: The first few days of detoxing, taking the time to make my juices for the day, and sticking to an exercise/training routine, I didn’t have as much energy for strenuous workouts.
JOSH: Days 1 and 3 were really, really rough for me. On day 3 in particular I almost quit. I came so close. I was in the kitchen trying to convince myself to eat something. So I emailed the other guys and got great responses. They were struggling too but were fighting through. That was enough to motivate me to go one more day. And it just so happened that day 4 was the beginning of feeling great. Days 5-10 were amazing. Great energy and no hunger pains. If I had quit on day 3 I never would have experienced it.
JOE: Trying to juice for ten days while having twin four-year olds in the house was HARD! I was grumpy and short-tempered. Also, I didn’t realize how much I ate simply while preparing their meals: a little nibble here or there. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to stuff my face while making my girls’ lunches.

What habits have you maintained and kept a part of your everyday life?

JEREMY: I still juice at least once a day.
ERIC: I am still juicing at least once a day and I will continue to eat a diet of about 90% plant based foods.
BRYAN: Eating much healthier, primarily plant-based whole foods and whole grains.  Also still juicing some meals.
JOSH: I have begun the transition to organic, local foods. I am trying to rid our house of preservative filled foods and to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as I can. I juice once a day, sometimes twice. And I do not snack while making my kid’s meals.
JOE: I am continuing to juice in the morning, and then eat a mostly vegetarian diet. I still plan to eat fish, but no more red meat or chicken for me. I didn’t avoid food for ten days just to put the weight back on by slipping back into old habits.

What is your Lasting Impression of the Reboot experience?

JEREMY: Awesome can’t wait to do it again.
ERIC: Rebooting has given me the tools to succeed in my fight against being heavy. I feel that my decision to change my life will give me a greater quality of life and perhaps lengthen the time I get to be alive.
BRYAN: It’s wonderful. I feel transformed by doing it. I am grateful that I have that as part of my life and can go back and do a Reboot whenever I need.
JOSH: It’s too early to fully get behind this statement, but if I continue the road I am on then the Reboot saved my life and gave me more years with my son. I have a long road to go but the Reboot has pointed me in the right direction.
JOE: It was harder than I realized, but so much more rewarding too. It really did change me, and for the much, much better. And it’s made me realize that I need to take the time to make my own food, and that I have that time, even though I might have thought before that I didn’t.

**Editor’s Note: Many factors affect health and wellness, and we make no claim that juicing is beneficial for everybody or that juicing will provide any guaranteed results.  Please consult with a medical professional to determine if juicing is right for you.