The “Fastest Men Alive” Reboot Together – Profile, part 1

How did you learn about Reboot Your Life?

JEREMY: Through Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!
ERIC: Jeremy told me about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead after my son was born 6 months ago.
JOSH: Jeremy emailed me too! He told me about Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and the Reboot website. He also told me about the 10-day juice fast that he and the others were planning and asked if I wanted join.
JOE: My wife introduced me to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about 6 months ago. Having seen the movie, I visited the website a few times before deciding to take the plunge into juicing. I guess I needed time to psychologically prepare for not eating.

What inspired you to do a Reboot?  And why did you decide to do it as a group, even in different locations?

JEREMY: I wanted change, and I knew all of us did, so why not make it a social media thing to help with accountability, so we became the Fastest Men Alive.
ERIC: Watching Joe Cross in FSND and Forks over Knives and a desire to change my life inspired me. We’re doing it as a group for the support and accountability
BRYAN: I had suffered from serious acid reflux for over 15 years. I asked a friend about a natural treatment I was researching and he suggested doing a juice fast.
JOSH: At first I didn’t want to do the juice fast. I thought it wasn’t a healthy way to lose weight, and that I couldn’t do it. Then I watched the movie and everything changed. So I told the guys I was in! Yet my real inspiration was my 2-year old son, Oliver. He is everything to me and makes me happier than anything in my life. I want to live a long life with him and experience all the joys of being his dad.
JOE: My friend, Jeremy had the idea to get together a small group of friends who were ready to change our ways. We all have young kids, are expecting kids, or are thinking about having kids, so want to be around on the earth for awhile! We started a blog called Fastest Men Alive, where we could discuss preparing for juicing, lean on each other during the juice fasts, and just support each other during the good and tough times.

How did the experience go for you? And how did doing it together impact it?

JEREMY: Doing it together was awesome. Just to know you were not alone. It was a bit up & down, some high highs and low lows but overall worth every second, I really enjoyed it.
ERIC: It was challenging to face my food addictions, but liberating to know that healthier eating makes me feel so much better. The group experience allowed me to get over the initial hump of hunger and made the real challenge of eating well easier in the long run.
BRYAN: Exceptionally well. I feel great. Have wonderful energy and clarity. My palate has changed and I am adopting a much more healthful lifestyle.
JOSH: The experience for me was better than I ever could have imagined. Not only did I lose weight, but I felt better than I had in years. I was more in tune with my body than ever before. I was happier, more optimistic, more open to the needs of my wife and child. I felt alive for the first time in a long time. And it wasn’t just because I was happy about making a change. The change in diet was having a direct effect on my body. After years of bad food, I was finally filling my body with something good for it.
Doing this fast with my friends made all the difference in the world
JOE: For me, the juice fast was a bit of a roller coaster, I won’t lie. The first two days were difficult, and the last three were difficult. I craved food, especially at the end. The middle part was much easier, I guess I got to a point where I was coasting for awhile. And I was enjoying the fact that I could feel and see the results immediately. Being able to juice together with friends and talk about it on the blog, even over the miles, created a sense of public accountability. No one wanted to cave because not only would we disappoint ourselves, we would let down the rest of the group.

Did you have any notable health or physical improvements?

JEREMY: Mental clarity, energy, good attitude, positive – not worrying so much, overall I felt very balanced.
ERIC: Aside from losing almost 20lbs and feeling lighter, I have increased energy and a greater desire to exercise.
BRYAN: I suffered from insomnia and acid reflux, both of which were gone during the reboot and have been gone thus far.
JOSH: Besides the 18 pounds lost, I got to move a few loops in on my belt buckle!
JOE: Other than feeling really clean, I have lost 21 pounds, I’m sleeping better and have way more energy.

*Check back tomorrow for part 2 of The Fastest Men Alive story and read about the toughest moments and lasting impressions of the Reboot!*

**Editor’s Note: Many factors affect health and wellness, and we make no claim that juicing is beneficial for everybody or that juicing will provide any guaranteed results.  Please consult with a medical professional to determine if juicing is right for you.